Burlesque star Dita Von Teese is famously great at using makeup to create retro glamor, so it might surprise you that she’s never done a makeup line before. But that’s about to be corrected. Dita has partnered with German beauty brand Artdeco to create a line aptly called Dita, and it contains all the red lipstick and fake eyelashes that you’d expect.

“I think that anyone can learn to be glamorous with the right tools and practice,” Dita tells Beautylish, and I’m inclined to agree, as what we think of as “beauty” is nothing but a set of socially constructed signifiers we are trained to recognize as desirable, but which nevertheless can be a source of pleasure and creativity for women so long as we acknowledge the game we are playing.

What? It’s true. Anyway, look at the makeup. It looks nice!

(Via Beautylish)