lipsticks in a row

Here’s the thing about makeup: it’s really, really expensive. Pointlessly so. Not just on the high end–where some gel solids and kelp can run you $150+–but also on the lower end, where carnuba wax, red dye and a laundry list of unpronounceable chemicals go for way more than they’re worth.

…Not like we need to justify cool DIY projects, though. F that.

In the interest of saving money and doing fun shit, we’ve rounded up some cool DIY lip tutorials: homemade lipstick recipes–including stains, balms and glosses–assembled from regular old stuff like cranberry juice, coconut oil and beeswax.

Save money. Lose the chemicals. Have fun:

pink-lip-balmPhoto: Simple Life Mom

Starting with a straight forward balm, Simple Life Mom blends some natural fats (Shea butter, carrier and coconut oil) with various natural dyes for a few easy riffs on gentle, hydrating, all-natural balm.

strawberry-lip-balm-610x610Photo: Torie Jane

Along those lines, Torie Jane combines a basic balm recipe with some (optional) sparkle and some (necessary) flavored strawberry oil.

cooled-lip-glossPhoto: Our Best Bites

Ideal for you completists out there, Our Best Bites offers an impressively thorough balm tutorial with an explanation of each ingredient’s purpose, helpful tips on how to find them and suggestions for DIY packaging.

gt071_lipbalm02_xlPhoto: Martha Stewart

But if you want to be perfect (and subtly honey-flavored), you have to go Martha.

TBDlipstainPhoto: The Beauty Department

The Beauty Department files an extremely delicious recipe for homemade lip stain–combine a whole bunch of fruits (blackberries, raspberries, pomegranate seeds), squish, strain and combine with olive oil.

Untitled-14Photo: How Does She?

Not exactly all natural, but way more of a novelty–How Does She? employees a pack of Crystal Light to tint this glossy stain.

89675379Photo: SF Gate

Somewhere between a stain and a proper lipstick, SF Gate’s Home Guide utilizes avocado butter, grapeseed oil and beet root powder for a recipe you’ll have to gently heat and whisk.

homemade lipstick tutorial

For those of you who’d prefer a video, YouTube’s StyleKen uses beakers and lipstick molds to create a convincingly pro-looking DIY lipstick in “satin pink.”

Natural-Homemade-Lipstick-Recipe-with-color-variationsPhoto: Wellness Mama

Starting from a basic recipe for homemade lipstick, Wellness Mama offers advice on achieving matte textures and a wider array of hues.


But perhaps most delightfully of all, Instructables teaches you how to turn Crayons (!) into lipstick–which means the color possibilities are manifold.

(Main thumbnail via Shutterstuck)