Despite having been “a thing” forever, colorful hair has cycled back “in” this fall. (I felt dumb just typing that last sentence.) From the annoyingly long-lived seapunk trend to Lauren Conrad‘s much Pinterested dip-dyed locks (pictured) to the runway at Nicole Miller, brightly colored hair is very “of the moment,” which makes sense, as the nineties are rearing their ugly heads in various other ways as well. Whether you are a slave to beauty trends or simply want to try out color because it’s fun, it can be a little daunting at first if you’re not sure what to do and don’t want to mess it up. Here are eight brightly colored hair tutorials available for your viewing pleasure on this, the Internet.

1. Lauren Conrad’s dip-dyed hair (The Beauty Department)

I’m not gonna lie, I really like the way this looks. I was maybe the closest to joining Pinterest I’ve ever been when I saw the picture of her pretty pastel hair. (I ultimately decided against it, but whatevs.) This tutorial says not to bleach your own tips, which I think is bullshit, but it does contain a nice 7-step process for how to get this awesome, awesome hair. Definitely going to try this one if I ever get tired of having inky black hair (unlikely).

2. How to use pastel chalk on your hair (The Beauty Department)

If dying seems a little too permanent, here’s a bit of 411 on how to use art supplies to get the same general effect, though you’ll still have to bleach your hair first if it’s dark. Now I’m going to brag for a second and say that I’m familiar with this technique from the time I hung out with Wayne Coyne and his girlfriend in their hotel room after hours during SXSW. They did not seem to be following any instructions, and theirs came out just fine.

3. How to get pretty pastel-colored hair (Feminspire)


This tutorial explains how to get that faded out pastel color effect that everyone seems to like so much right now. Major points for reminding people to make sure they don’t have any yellow left in their hair if they are trying to dye it blue, lest it turn green by accident. Also major points for recommending Special Effects over Manic Panic. When I was a wee suburban teen, I could never get my hair light enough to get Manic Panic to work at all, but Special Effects worked just fine.

4. How to dye your hair green (Lovergurl77983)

[youtube_iframe id=”y-CW_4Jn1iI”]

This one’s for all you aspiring seapunks out there. Or forest creatures. Or Nicole Miller models. This girl gets extra points for being an adorable video game nerd.

5. How to dye your hair with tea and spices (xoVain)

See, we like some of the things xoJane does. This article contains several recipes for hair dye you can make using edible goods commonly found around the house or at the grocery store, like turmeric, beetroot powder, and coffee. Obviously, there are no harsh chemicals involved, and these potions probably smell about a hundred times better than normal hair dye.

6. How to dye your hair blue (LinzMushel)

[youtube_iframe id=”TYV9e0AQoLA”]

This one comes to me courtesy of Sam, who knows a thing or two about having blue hair. It shows you how to dye your hair dark blue with slightly lighter (or “ombre”) blue ends. It’s probably best for “visual learners,” as it contains few words.

7. How to dye your hair lots of different colors (Naomi King)

[youtube_iframe id=”gdT_WDnLhBo”]

If you want crazy awesome multicolored hair, this tutorial will show you how to do it. Go crazy! (I would advise against Manic Panic unless you’re starting with extremely light hair, though.) Naomi will also show you how to do rainbow sunset hair or fire phoenix hair, and then she will sing you a song.

8. How to safely bleach your hair (insanillusion)

[youtube_iframe id=”S6AWdPP08qI”]

You have to have really bleached hair for any of these colors to hold. Here’s how one lil’ noodle bleached her hair platinum blonde over the course of one week.

9. DIY ombre hair in 4 easy steps (The Gloss)

There’s a reason this was one of our most popular posts of all times. If you haven’t seen it yet, this tutorial will show you how to ombre your hair in (spoiler alert!) just 4 steps.