pumpkin head

Rejoice, friends! It is October! For every child getting a cute Halloween costume, there are a dozen moody jerks waiting at Starbucks for their beloved pumpkin spiced latte. Unfortunately, I am not in the PSL fan club (I can’t handle how sweet and overwhelming they taste), but I do think they smell incredible. Plus, pumpkin is super good for you, so why not incorporate it into your beauty regime instead?

If you tend to spend a lot of time walking around outdoors in the fall and winter, you likely know how dry and dull your complexion can get. Pumpkins have loads of vitamins and nutrients that can nourish your skin into silky smoothness. The Vitamin A soothes your skin into softness while Vitamin E protects and repairs your skin from free radical damage, and those are just two of its many benefits (pumpkin also supplies plenty of zinc, beta carotene, Vitamin C and antioxidents).

Instead of spending $80 on a 1-hour facial at a spa, just put on some comforting music, light a delicious smelling candle and apply one of these DIY pumpkin face mask recipes to your skin.

DIY pumpkin face mask

This pumpkin oatmeal facial mask recipe from Calie at Ring Around The Rosies will exfoliate your complexion into picture perfect shape. You can make a batch of it and store it in your fridge for a refreshing treatment after a long day at work.

homemade pumpkin face mask

This mask from Allison at Petit Elefant is beautifully bright and surprisingly easy to make. Seriously: 4 ingredients, a quick mixing and you’re all set to pamper yourself!

pumpkin puree face mask

This DIY pumpkin face mask from Michelle Phan will benefit your skin in loads of ways, utilizing yogurt, almonds, honey and olive oil in addition to the pumpkin to bring out all its positive effects.

DIY pumpkin face mask

Bella Sugar‘s recipe for a homemade pumpkin face mask is ultra-easy and uses ingredients like honey and eggs to improve your skin even more. Plus, there’s a special hint they give in order to add an astringent-like quality to your mask!

pumpkin puree

This pumpkin facial from Lark’s Perennials is perfect for those who like organic simplicity. She also lets you know exactly how to store your mask for the best results later on!

pumpkin facial

Paula from Your Bella Life offers a delicious way to help heal your face with this raw pumpkin face mask you can easily make from home! Considering how expensive raw beauty products typically are, you’d be saving tons of money by following this recipe.