DIY-salt-sprayI never quite understood the point of salt spray. Wouldn’t it just make your hair dirty or dry it out? But I spent the last week by the ocean, and even though I never actually went in the water, the salty sea air made my hair look like Lady Gaga in her mermaid wig, but in a good way.

While it was going on it was a bit distressing. My hair definitely was not as shiny as usual. Any sleekness was traded for size and texture the second I got off the plane. I found it difficult to get a brush through my hair, and my partner’s buttons and glasses kept getting stuck in it. I stuck a pen behind my ear and didn’t see it again for hours.

But now that I’m back at my desk, I can’t help feeling a little less poofy and fabulous. As much as I like being able to fit my head through doors, I wouldn’t mind a few more natural-looking waves and a couple inches of extra oomph.

Luckily, people have been trying to get that salty sea air look for inland hair for years, and it’s actually a pretty simple DIY. If you’re looking for something really quick and simple, or if you’re into DIY shizz and have fancy essential oils around, try out some of these DIY salt spray recipes.

1. DIY Sea Salt Spray by BeautyWildWithin
This version just requires water and salt, and she says even plain table salt will work fine.
[youtube_iframe id=”Q7HI4l71Vg0″]


2. DIY Beach Sea Salt Spray by RachhLoves
If you’re feeling fancy and have essential oils around, this recipe includes jojoba oil to keep the salt from drying out your hair, and essential oils to make your hair smell nice. Lavender salt hair might not be authentic (mine just smells like fish right now), but it’s probably nicer in the long run.
[youtube_iframe id=”6RJbo2c_p70″]


3. DIY Salt Spray by ShannonBarkerr
This recipe includes hair gel, so your beachy waves won’t be going anywhere one you get them in. It also includes coconut oil, which everyone seems to want in their hair these days.
[youtube_iframe id=”rSw7omukuaE”]


4. DIY Sea Salt Spray for Heatless Beach Waves by strawbezzi
Strawbezzi uses fancy salts and Moroccan hair oil for her version, and a little bit of gel to help keep everything in place if you want a bit more hold than just some beachy, salt-air texture
[youtube_iframe id=”VpJ184JnWxQ”]