We checked out the Wacoal Bra Fitting this morning and determined our correct cup size again (it’s a 32B, just so our Twitter follower named ILoveBigBoobs knows. ILoveBigBoobs, we really think you’re following the wrong twitter). And the Wacoal bras are really pretty – we especially liked the BTempted line. But then they mentioned how great their strapless styles would be when we were wearing strapless dresses for the holidays and needed some support, and well, 1) it’s winter so we might not wear strapless dresses and 2) if we do, we will not be wearing anything under our strapless dresses.

Honestly, the only time I wear a bra is when I have a light colored shirt on. During the summer, when I’m wearing sundresses, I pretty much just don’t wear a bra ever. It’s not an I-am-Helen-Reddy-hear-me-roar thing, I just never find that there’s all that much point to it. I look pretty much exactly the same, and bras are sort of uncomfortable, so I generally just skip it.

I’ve always gone by the pencil test, which says that if you can put a pencil underneath your breasts and it stays up rather than falling to the floor, you should probably wear a bra. And I root for that pencil to fall. Which it does pretty much effortlessly. But then, I knew a girl in college who wore a wonderbra to bed and told me that since I wasn’t wearing one, my breasts were going to get saggy. Sag where, lady? There’s really just not that much to sag.

Maybe I’ll feel different about it as I grow older, but really, I’ve just never gotten into the whole bra-culture. But now everyone here is sort of feeling like a hippy because we don’t wear underwires under strapless dresses. Do you always wear a bra? Why? Seriously, why? (“Because I am someone ILoveBigBoobs should follow” is a valid answer.)