A lot of times, we see celebs like Emma Watson out and about in just a sports bra, being all “Oh, these abs? I know. They’re good. No big deal.”

And I think there was about a four-month period of time when I did the same (without the attitude, natch) when I was about 15 and hitting the gym like a crazed raccoon. Since then, I prefer to place a shirt carefully and lovingly over myself when I work out. It’s not that I think there’s any shame in going shirtless; if I felt more comfortable doing it, I would. I always enjoy a nice, cool breeze caressing my belly.

But when running or doing yoga — the two exercises I do the most — I get distracted if I feel self-conscious about my physique, and those happen to be two workouts that offer unique opportunities for your body to do unflattering things.

What about you?

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