Are you thinking “what an incredibly tasteless way to title a post?” Congratulations! You’re sane! Now read what the NY Post‘s Andrea Peyser wrote:

Casey Anthony sa-shayed into the courtroom yesterday tarted up like a Florida sorority girl looking for a quick-and-dirty hookup.

On what she clearly believed was Freedom Day — hide the barstools! — Casey entered the fluorescent-lit runway looking nightclub-sexy in a lavender sweater dress designed to show off her generous curves.

For the last time — we think — Casey sat at the defendant’s table, and proceeded to stroke her silky hair lasciviously.

She pushed it out of her eyes, over and over. She petted the bottom as if it were a small dog.

With joy in her eyes and not a hint of sadness in her body, she listened intently, ready to spring from the courthouse to the closest saloon.

She continually fidgeted with her sweater, pulling it down and pulling at the sleeves. She was a girl in a hurry.

Oh. My. God.
So, alternative post titles could have been “how bangable is Casey Anthony? Totally bangable!” or “Casey Anthony, Hot Or SUPER HOT?”
Also, oh my God, that article is insane.
So! Now that you see how tasteful I’m being, I suppose if you are widely suspected of murdering your young daughter, you might not want to wear courtroom attire that leaves reporters talking about your “generous curves.”But it was a sweater dress. It wasn’t as though she trotted in wearing a mini-skirt. Really, there’s no outfit that could effectively convey a sufficient amount of remorse. Though it would have made sense – at least to me – to opt for something black or navy, but she is seemingly, at the very least, an unstable woman, so it seems foolhardy to attribute that kind of logic to her sartorial choices.
Her hair, I suppose, she can do nothing about, it’s just silky like a small dog.