baby ocelot

You do? How?

Is it by eating a cookie? Eating a cookie seems like a pretty good way to reward yourself.

Or you could buy an Herve Leger dress. But it won’t make you happy! Necessarily! A woman on Buzzfeed Shift notes that after losing 30 pounds she bought her weight loss reward dress and:

When the dress arrived, I was disappointed. I don’t know exactly what I’d been expecting, but there were no sparklers or confetti when I opened the box, no round of applause when I zipped up the dress. It was just a little black tank dress, not unlike others in my closet. In fact, it was a bit loose around the waist. So why didn’t this feel like a triumph?

Though, I guess eating a cookie isn’t the best reward, either. I mean, probably the best reward would be “feeling healthy and good about your body if you have lost weight in a healthy manner.” Maybe we should not see weight loss as something that we deserve a reward for?

Nah. Buy an ocelot every time you lose 10 pounds. That’s what I do.