No. Not really, no.

However, there really ought to be a facebook group called “girls who eat a normal diet and exercise and generally feel okay about themselves are cool and make excellent friends, so please, do not start pumping shit into your lips or make me listen to you dry heave into the toilet, okay?” I guess that’s sort of a wordy group, though.

The thing that bothers me about the “curvy girls are better than skinny girls” group isn’t that it embraces curvy figures. In a time that often says that size 0 is the ideal for everyone, it’s nice to embrace curvy figures. But that doesn’t make one body type “better”. Because, hey, some chicks are naturally skinny. Some are naturally curvaceous. As long as you’re healthy, just learn to embrace what you have.

Because body types aren’t a competition. Nobody needs to be better than anybody else.

That said, damn, I wish I looked like Kim Khardashian in a bikini.

An Open Letter To James Who Thinks Cury Girls Are Better Than Skinny Girls – Jezebel