Over at the Huffington Post, they’ve launched what appears to be a new series called “Your Daily mOMent:” videos meant to instill calm in the viewer.

And while I appreciate the notion — I really do, I fully believe in taking little breaks to calm the fuck down during the day — this video makes me feel more stressed out, rather than less. Take a look:

[aol id=”1099586681001″ still=”http%3A%2F%2Fpdl%2Estream%2Eaol%2Ecom%2Fpdlext%2Faol%2Fbrightcove%2Fame%2F201108%2F08%2F20126%2F2011%5F0808%5Fhpliving%5Fmoment45%5F640x360%2Ejpg”]

Now, how do you feel? I’ll tell you what went down for me. First, I felt confused about what the purpose of the video was. Once I understood, I started to get pissed because it’s August and I haven’t been to a pool yet all summer. Then, I felt a little trapped because I couldn’t think of a time in the near future when I’d be able to justify spending the whole day — or even half of the day! — at a pool.

Then, the video ended.

And now I feel worse.

What about you?