I’m pretty sure of this even if you aren’t typically a Dolly Parton fan.

This is one of her first TV appearances, and it is amazing.


Let’s all sit down in a circle and drink some cocoa (in August?) and talk about what aspect of this video is best. Here are some thoughts on the parts that may be best:

1) Whoa, Dolly Parton was a babe. Look at how pretty she is!

2) Whoa, Dolly Parton’s hair looks as though she should be in a tumbril on her way to the guillotine.

3) Whoa, is that hair even real? Is it a French aristocrat wig?

4) How amazing is the announcer guy’s jacket? Are those cactuses? Are those cactuses made out of sequins? Like, a rainbow cactus sequin jacket? Why is no one running through Greenpoint wearing this ironically right now?

5) Who is the man who comes on in the middle? Is Dolly Parton married to him? His hair doesn’t move. I don’t think his hair is a wig, but I do think its been sprayed in a way that would paste a cat to a wall.

6) Dolly Parton’s dress is actually very subdued considering that she’s appearing on a show where the announcer is wearing a rainbow sequin cactus blazer.

(Thanks to @fimoculous)