Breaking: Donald Trump is kind of a jerk.

I’ll reiterate that when you are in your own home, I don’t think photographers have the right to take any photos they want of you. I especially don’t think they should really be taking topless photos of Kate Middleton when she’s on vacation in a private house with her husband. In part, that’s because I think this is something the Royal Family probably feels particularly sensitive about since Princess Diana’s death is often seen as a result of her driver speeding to avoid the paparazzi. I imagine a lot of people feel that, given those circumstances, the paparazzi should make an extra effort to be respectful of the Royal Family’s privacy. At least I feel that way.

Not Donald Trump. He tweets:

donald trump kate middleton

Come on, Donald. If some photographer took topless pictures of your wife when you two were on vacation in a private home you would go apeshit. Frankly, it seems like you’re the kind of guy who might go apeshit if someone were to take topless photos of you.

Who wouldn’t want to make tons of money doing that? Well, I guess people who are respectful of the fact that some things are private. So, people who are not jerks. Those people.

Picture via Fox