The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show takes place in December, which means the Victoria’s Secret Angels have already begun their crazy pre-show diets. Last year, we heard tale of the truly punishing regimen undergone by Adriana Lima, but we also learned about the (BBQ-induced?) 15 lbs. of muscle gained by Chanel Iman and discovered that Rosie Huntington-Whiteley always eats breakfast and chews methodically.

This year, the first Angel to admit she’s begun the “only lean protein and steamed broccoli” portion of her life is stunning Dutch supermodel Doutzen Kroes. Kroes has, apparently, banished salt and butter bombs like movie popcorn from her diet. She told the Post:

“[The show is] so close,” she told us at a Theyskens’ Theory fashion show yesterday, adding her recipe for getting in top condition includes cutting sugar and carbs. Edamame is her go-to snack. “I wish they would have that in cinemas, so when you watch a movie you could chew on it,” she mused. “It would be perfect because it’s salty, and then you don’t need the popcorn and butter.”

Although “snacking on edamame” is a much happier tidbit about a pre-Victoria’s Secret show diet than “not even water,” we suppose Doutzen could always smuggle some edamame into the theater in her bag. Or maybe some air popped?

(Photo via Wenn)