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If there’s one thing that beauty brand Dove has mastered it’s the ability to play upon potential customer’s emotions to sell its products. When their new #LoveYourCurls campaign percolated its way onto my timeline, I was a bit skeptical. Oh here’s another a campaign trying to play upon women’s complicated relationship with hair to make a buck, I thought. But after checking out the campaign’s short film, my inner skeptic soon dissolved into the pool of happy tears that I cried as a result of watching it.

To promote the idea that curly hair is freaking amazing (and to sell their new product line Dove Quench Absolute), the folks at Dove put together a short film that’s guaranteed to provoke fits of uncontrollable but happy weeping called “Love Your Curls.”


The clip takes us on a journey that includes a girl saying that she wished she could rip out her curly hair, mothers and daughters whose love for hair has moved them to dance in the streets and a big reveal that shows an indie rock band literally singing the praises of curly hair in front of the same kids who said they didn’t like theirs.

I’m not saying that Dove is now my BFF who will commiserate with me about my hair-related feels but I am saying that the #LoveYourCurls campaign kinda knocked the  “you’re beautiful as you are” thing out of the park. Once that woman started singing “don’t hide your curls away” around the one minute mark, I totally lost it. Either I had one heck of a speck in my eye or the folks at Dove are darn good at making commercials that pull on the heart strings.

The #LoveYourCurls campaign isn’t just based on feel good moments though. Dove did some beauty-related number crunching that showed that just four out of ten curly-haired girls consider their hair to be beautiful. The numbers for grown women aren’t much better: just 10% of curly-haired women in America are actually proud of their hair. The good news is this: little girls will often hold a higher opinion of their curly hair if the people around them do.

While I kind of hate it, I have to give Dove their props on this one. They made a great ad spot and they gave me a new theme song I can whip my fro. It’s a win-win for everybody.