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For a long time, Dove has been shilling their products by using women with diverse body shapes in ads instead of stick-thin models. Now, they’ve gone one step further.

The soap company has created an app that allows you to replace ads that pop up on the side of your computer screen and encourage you to hate yourself — i.e., “do you have muffin top?” — with ads for Dove that have a positive message (“every body is beautiful,” etc.) The app is currently only available in Australia.

So, what to think about this? The thing is, even with the Dove ads, we’re still on the receiving end of a very deliberate marketing campaign. So is the idea that we should accept the fact that every time we open our computers, people are going to try to sell us things (hey, we do it right here on The Gloss, too), so we should be grateful when we’re sold things by a company that at least doesn’t prey on our insecurities?

Because honestly, in my ideal world, no one would try to sell me anything when I open my computer.

I mean, online ads are a reality at this particular moment in time, and talking about chipping away at ad culture is sort of a different conversation than talking about changing the content of ads. So in that sense, I feel like Dove is the lesser of the advertising evils. I’m just really not at a point in my life where I’m going to giddily applaud something that’s still designed to make me buy stuff by manipulating my emotions.