Downton Abbey makeup line

Downton Abbey‘s mission to slowly take over the way we Americans dress (by making it better) has taken a giant leap in the loveliest direction: items from the upcoming 10-piece line for Marks and Spencer were revealed this week, and they look great.

The collection consists of soaps, lip glosses, nail varnish, “crème bath,” a cosmetic case and a candle. If the preview photos are accurate, these all seem excellent. The packaging alone — which, I am mildly embarrassed to say, makes a huge difference to me — is beautiful in that dainty, elegant way one might imagine it would be.

downton abbey soaps


Like, look at those soaps. Perhaps I am being slightly dramatic about this, but I can’t help it; Downton Abbey has some of my favorite makeup and wardrobe on television. They even have “I’d expect no less” (a la Tom Branson) written on this package, because let’s be honest: you wouldn’t. Another says Violet Dowager’s “No one wants to kiss a girl in black.”

If you, too, are as excited as I am about this line, then head over to Marks and Spencer (online or a retail store) and pick some of these pieces up come October.

Photo: Materpiece, Marks & Spencer