Mercedes Benz Tent_MERCEDES_TENT_44_medium

So, all my beauty buds are at Fashion Week, and I am not.  I started a new full time job today, and ending my last one and starting this one just really meshed badly with the fashion season this time!  But, all  is not lost.  We have Twitter.  Twitter totally saves the day at Fashion Week, I can read all about my friends adventures, real time, almost like I was there, minus the drenching rains. ;)  Hope you gals brought your umbrellas!

Of course I follow most of my beauty buddies on Twitter already, so can watch them on my Twitterfox or Tweet Deck – but they are all mixed in with my geek buddies, which is ok, but sometimes the tweets rush by so fast it is hard to keep up.  Enter Inside The Tents.  This is a great place to watch all of the hottest beauty and fashion bloggers – keep up with their Tweets AND their blog posts.  Awesomeness!

Also of great interest to me is the MAC  Senior Artists Twitter widget at Facebook, that you can watch, embed – whatever you’d like!  And if you’re a great MAC fan like I am, you can follow these folks on Twitter:

MAC_Gordon_E | MAC_Nadine_L | MAC_Gregory_A | MAC_Bianca_A | MAC_Vanessa_R | MAC_Terry_B | MAC_Patrick_E | MAC_Tiffany_J | MAC_Gina_B

And while you’re following, don’t forget to follow me (and say Hi!)!

So enjoy FW, like I am, from the sidelines.  It is nice and dry, I have tea and cheap lunch, and really, am having almost as good a time watching as they are being in the thick of things.  (Yeah right, but Im trying to keep my positive attitude!)

Image: © 2008 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, used with permission