Normally we like to investigate a Photoshop of Horror by trying to figure out what the original looked like and where the Photoshop artist went wrong. In the case of this unholy undersea monster, there is just way too much to work with. Trying to figure out where this went wrong is like trying to find your keys in a landslide.

We should just make a drinking game of it: Drink if you can find something not wrong with this image. Wait, that’s no fun. We’ll just be sitting here staring mournfully at our drinks all day. New plan: Drink whenever you find something wrong with this image. (Don’t actually do that. You will die.)

“Apparently Stretch Armstrong and Barbie had a child together,” one brilliant commenter observed over at  over at Photoshop Disasters, where this tragic gem was uncovered. Now we can’t stop giggling, because this picture really does look like what would happen if you could stretch out a Barbie doll like Stretch Armstrong, and it’s not every day that we run into a picture Photoshopped so badly that we assume Barbie was the starting point and then it went to hell from there.

Not only is her shin twice as long as her femur, her hair is growing right out her face and neck, and the skirt of her dress is somehow behind her front leg but in front of her rear leg. This image is so weird and stretchy and inhuman we find it hard to believe they even started with a live model. It looks more like someone just started drawing cartoon figures while drunk and decided to call it a day.

(Photo: dresslily.com)