drinking mirror

Did you forget that drinking alcohol is bad for your skin? There is an app to remind you, now! It’s called “Drinking Mirror” and it is intended to show the consequences of alcohol over time.

The Huffington Post explains:

Drinking Mirror is a mobile app that illustrates how alcohol consumption can really speed up the aging process. Released earlier this year as part of the Scottish government’s Drop a Glass Size campaign, the app allows users to upload or take a photo of themselves, enter their weekly boozing habits and see what they could look like in ten years. And the results are just as scary as this image of a truck driver with sun damage on the left side of his face. We’re talking forehead wrinkles, bloodshot eyes and saggy jowls.

I tried uploading a picture of myself assuming I drink 6-10 glasses of alcohol a week, and in ten years, I am going to look like an alien.

Like this:

age my face


I mean, I kind of doubt I will get absolutely precise ridges across my forehead, but, maybe?  It would be kind of exciting.

However, it is also worth noting that a lot of this has to do with exposure to the sun as well as dehydration from alcohol, so you can probably offset some symptoms by wearing sunscreen. Which I also rarely do. So, basically, I will look like a sad little gargoyle in ten years.

But go try the app! Here! It’s fun! The sad kind of fun!