Let me start off by saying this: I have very short nails. As soon as my nails grow long enough for me to feel them hitting the keyboard as I type, I chop them down. I don’t have awesome stripper nails. I wish I did. But I can’t stand how they feel.

All that said, it makes little to no sense, but I find myself strangely attracted to this duck feet nails trend. Have you seen it? It’s where the nails flare out in a kind of inverse triangle leading away from the finger, mimicking the shape of a duck’s feet. Like so:

I don’t know if it’s because they’re so extreme and cartoonish, but if I didn’t gag every time I get dirt lodged under my nails — if, I mean to say, I considered my nails to be solely decorative and not potential disgusting nuisances, I’d totally do this.

It’s just crazy enough to be absolutely the best. Look how much embellishment you can fit on there!

It’s like having candy and make-believe on your fingers at all times.