You guys know about duckface, right? Duckface occurs when the subject of a photograph exaggerates his or her pout, by curling/puffing out the lips and sucking in cheeks to give the appearance of a pillow-lipped, leaner, stupider face? Here are a few examples: quackquack, quack, quack. If you’ll allow me to flagrantly generalize, duckface is an unfortunate byproduct of the western world’s idealization of full lips and, because not everyone is gifted with Angelina mouth, sometimes people overcompensate in order to conform.

You know who overcompensates the most? Loathsome fameball Kim Kardashian. “Kim Kardashian,” you say, “Vain?! Surely not!”  Yes, even though Kim’s lips are perfectly full, she still puffs ’em out in nearly every one of the vanity shots she posts to her various social media accounts. I then propose a new game: Duck Hunt, like the classic Nintendo game, except it doesn’t involve sitting directly in front of your television screen and hating ungrateful dogs.

Play by retweeting Kim’s pouty-faced vanity shots and say, “Duck Hunt!” or some such (to wit). Also, here’s a gallery of evidence with some things we imagined a Duck Kim might tweet.