Justin Timberlake

On average men try out five hairstyles before finding “the one,” a new study says, but once they find it they’re likely to stick with that style for life. It takes awhile to figure out which look to stick with, though, because apparently the average age for a man to figure out his signature hairstyle is 32 and a half, coincidentally the same age Justin Timberlake is now.

According to The Telegraph, it seems like men try a fair number of looks – just two less than the average woman, who tries seven styles before settling on one – but when they find one that both looks good and is easy to maintain, they stick to what works. But why would it take until 32 to find one’s “signature look”?

There are a lot of factors involved. A poll of 2,000 men indicated that 65 percent of men surveyed said they’d picked a style mainly because it wasn’t much of a hassle. Anything quick and easy to do works. But 21 percent of the guys said that a look also had to reflect their personality, which seems to make sense that it would take until one’s 30s to find. Most of us try many different looks before figuring out what reflects who we want to be, and the Internet is full of regrettable fashion decisions. (My goth phase was blessedly short-lived.)

Ten percent of the surveyed guys said they stuck with a hairstyle mainly because their partners liked it. We’re normally not big fans of picking one’s look based on the tastes of others, but when one’s main concerns are quickness and easiness, “my partner says this looks good on me” is a pretty decent way to figure out what styles are most flattering.

Though honestly I’m more inclined to avoid signature hairstyles entirely, because I’ve long been looking forward to being a 90-year-old with cotton candy pink hair.

Via The Telegraph/Photo: WENN