I will take the purple roll with some marshmallow sauce, thanks.

Every Valentine’s Day, Easter and Fourth of July, I love the colors that begin filling candy aisles. For February, it’s all the pink and red and creamy brown truffles that you can handle; in summer, it’s popsicles and cake with vivid Americana colorations; and for Easter, everything turns to these gorgeous pastel shades all wrapped up in tinted cellophane, and finally, it becomes acceptable to reply “strawberries and cream” when somebody asks what you’re wearing to a party.

From neon jelly beans to dark chocolate bunnies, pink Peeps to pastel eggs, there are tons of different candies you can take inspiration from. Pastels look good on everybody, they really do; a lot of times, it’s just about finding the perfect shade. The look I’m doing is more toward those typical, shimmery “spring” colors, but if you’re not comfortable with the shades I chose, you can absolutely swap them out for ones with other hues and similar textures. If you’re looking to try something different but don’t particularly love dark, dramatic or over-the-top looks, go for this Easter candy makeup.

Whether or not you celebrate Easter is irrelevant here (personally, I have spent Easter everywhere from my family’s houses to a tow truck company’s parking lot). What matters is that you love pretty candy because it is delicious and amazing and all perfectly coordinates with one another.

Side note: Sorry some of my process shots are of iPhone quality; my temperamental camera decided to wait until after I had already finished the makeup to work.

Prep: Start with a clean, well-moisturized face. Pastels — and all makeup, really — look best when your skin is totally bare at the beginning. The only exception to this is when I’ll be doing makeup inspired by a certain 90s rock icon; for that, you can pretty much sleep atop a Sharpie and be all right. Here, however, you want your face to be clean and soft. Apply primer, foundation and concealer the way you normally would.

Step 1: Brush peachy-pink powder blush onto the apples of your cheeks, then upwards. Easter-candy-makeup-inspired-by Step 2: Apply an eyeshadow primer, as sparkly pastel colors can fade easily and look a bit dull on skin without base. Then, take a pale, shimmery gold shadow and apply it with a medium-sized eyeshadow brush from the inner corners of your eyes, sweeping outward. Using a pale blue shadow of similar texture and shimmer, fill in the rest of the lid. Though you can’t see it here, I eventually added a bit of lavender shadow (it’s in the pictures below, though).


Step 3: Using a liquid blue eyeliner (I used Wet N Wild Mega Liner here), trace along the length of your lashline and add a little wing towards the end. If you want to add even more subtle color changes, you can add a little green cream liner to the line toward the corner, then blend it to the middle, and do the same with outer corners using purple cream liner. Curl lashes and apply two coats of mascara to the top ones.

Easter-candy-makeup-inspired-by Easter-candy-makeup-inspired-by

Step 4: Apply some orangey-peach lipgloss (I used Stila’s gloss in Holly). Don’t use any lip liner or lipstick; this look is supposed to be playful and focus on the eyes, so adding too much to your lips will make the look a little too thick.


Ta-da! You are donesies.

I hope this was helpful! I know I went for a more subtle route than I could’ve given how bright candy can get, but I was hoping this might be a more wearable look for day-to-day color lovers. Remember — if you want to do Easter candy makeup or anything similar to this, you can easily swap out the blue, gold or lavender for any other pastel shade and chances are, it’ll look fantastic! Now get out there and eat some Peeps, dammit.

Top Photo: CarbonNYC / Flickr