Multicolored Easter Egg NailsFor Easter, we always bring out our prettiest pastels and our brilliant whites regardless of what the weather is actually like outside. One other thing you should do to celebrate the holiday is paint your nails with an Easter theme. There are so many options from bunnies to chicks to eggs. And of course you can stick with your pastel color scheme. Not only will the manicures look adorable, the weather doesn’t have any impact on them. Rain, shine or even snow, they will still look cute.

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Take a look at 14 eggcellent Easter manicure ideas:

1. Egg AccentsEaster Egg Accents Manicure

Pick your favorite pastel nail polish. Then grab a few colors and create a pretty egg-inspired design on two accent nails. It’s just as fun as painting actual Easter eggs.

2. Speckled EggsEaster Speckled Egg Manicure

This one is great for nail art newbies. Paint your nails in a variety of pastel hues. Then make like Jackson Pollock and add splatter on a black and white glitter top coat.

3. Cadbury Cream EggsCadbury Cream Egg Manicure

Hands up if Cadbury Cream Eggs are your favorite Easter treat? Recreate the packaging of your favorite sweet on your digits.

4. Bunny TailEaster Bunny Back Manicure

Think you don’t have the skill to draw an Easter bunny on your nail? You probably do to draw this simple one. The bunny tail is adorable and the other polka dot nails help tie everything in.

5. Hidden Easter EggsHidden Easter Eggs

Whether you’re going on an intense egg hunt a la Taylor Swift or you are simply sitting at the table scoffing chocolate ones, you can wear this egg-themed manicure. The eggs are nestled in grass, but they are still visible enough for everyone to spot them.

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6. ChickEater Chick Manicure

This golden yellow nail polish is amazing on its own, but the chick brings the Easter theme home. One accent nail is all you need.

7. Bunny PeepsBunny Print Easter Manicure

Lots of manicure involve different pastel colored nails with designs painted on top of them. This one features a white base and a print with all the color. The Peeps bunny shapes are fairly easy to create with a thin brush.

8. Bunny EarsBunny Ears Easter Manicure

Sometimes you don’t see all of a bunny. You’re lucky to catch a glimpse of a tail or ears. The ears are the only thing visible in this manicure, but that’s okay with us. It becomes that much more adorable with the addition of bows and sparkly nails.

9. Hatched ChicksHatched Chicks Easter Manicure

These just might be the cutest chicks you have ever seen. Check out those eyelashes. The polka dot eggs make this design even sweeter.

10. Hangin’ With My PeepsPeeps Manicure

Bravo to this manicure for setting a scene and having a holiday-themed pun. It will take a bit of time, but it is worth it. You can’t beat your Peeps.

11. Printed Easter EggsPrinted Eggs Easter Mani

Don’t get hung up trying to create a really complicated egg design. A simple polka dot and zigzag pattern can be very effective. Choose a variety of colors and your eggs will be prettier than any real painted eggs.

12. Chocolate BunniesChocolate Bunnies Easter Manicure

It wouldn’t be Easter without a chocolate bunny or two. This manicure earns extra points for nailing the three dimensional candy eye.

13. PeepsPeeps Easter Design

The Peeps are ready for their close-up. Even if you hate Peeps candy, you cannot help loving this manicure. If you’re going to recreate it, use a shimmery polish to get the Peeps’ texture just right.

14. Unwrapped Chocolate BunniesChocolate Bunny Easter Maniucre

Warning: Look at this manicure may make you very hungry. If you didn’t have a chocolate craving before, you will now. We’ll take a chocolate one too, please.

(Photo: Pinterest)