VEET Hair Removal Cream
Photo© 2008 Sasha Manuel

VEET Hair Removal Cream

Veet Caressably Smooth Hair Removal Cream ensures effective hair removal in only 3 minutes*. Specially developed for dry skin, it contains Shea Butter and Lily and leaves your skin smooth and perfectly moisturized, so you feel desirable.

For a perfect result remove the cream with the Perfect Touch Spatula.

*The time the cream takes to work depends on the thickness of the hair. Suitable for the depilation of both legs 1-2 times.

Since I had time this afternoon for a bit of me time, I decided to open the box and take out the Veet tube which will help me maintain the smoothness of my legs.

VEET is designed for legs, arms, underarms and bikini line but not suitable for use on the face, head, breast, perianal or genital areas.

I decided to use it on my legs first before I try it on the rest. It is advisable that you test it on your skin to see if there’s an adverse reaction. Monitor your skin for 24 hours. If you don’t experience any tingling or smarting on your skin, you can proceed. Otherwise, it’s best to discontinue use — make sure you rinse of the cream thoroughly with water.

Applying the cream is quite easy. I love the Perfect Touch Spatula cuz this allowed me not to use my hands as I applied the cream onto the skin. Using the spatula in removing the cream and hair are easy, too. The spatula is gentle on the skin. I can actually see the hair being removed which was so cool. However, my only disappointment was that it wasn’t able to remove 100% of the hair even when I did leave the cream on more than 3 minutes. Yea, you can actually leave it on without exceeding 6 minutes in total.

Rinsing the cream off with water is easy, too. Afterwards, I can feel that my skin is smooth. There are traces of stubble, though. But it looks like the product is effective. I think I just need to get use to using it more often. I have to wait 72 hours before I can use it again. I’m not allowed to use a perfumed product or go sunbathing for 24 hours. It’s also good to remember that I can’t use it if I shaved in the last 72 hours. If I get around to using it on my underarms, I have to remember that I won’t be able to use an antiperspirant for 24 hours.

Anyway, I like using Veet over the hair removal mousse or the wax strips. This is less intrusive, most easy and definitely not painful compared to the other two options.

For you folks enjoying the Summer season, this one product you’d best consider. We wouldn’t want to be hairy when you step out on the sands wearing that smashing bikini, yea? Just note the precautions I mentioned above.