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Forget about saying you are going to go to the gym every day and that you are going to invent something as big as the iPhone. When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, you want to choose things that you will actually have a decent shot at sticking with. Most of our resolutions are forgotten about by February 1st, but if you choose the right ones, you could actually say you accomplished them by December 2016. Instead of resolutions about exercise, inventions and learning multiple languages, make some beauty resolutions. If you’re unsure about where to start, we have a bunch that you will actually want to try, unlike whatever you said you were going to do last year but didn’t.

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Check out 11 New Year’s resolutions you will actually want to stick with:

1. Actually use the makeup products use already own.Applying Lipstick

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It is so simple, but think about it. How many products do you have in your makeup bag that are unused? You probably have some that are still in the package. Those formulas aren’t going to get any fresher, so open them up and try those products out. You might discover you had a new favorite hiding in your bag.

2. Splurge on one of your dream beauty products.Sale Money

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We all have those dream beauty products we’d love to buy. Your might want an expensive lipstick, or you have may be lusting about a luxurious face cream for as long as you can remember. (Read: La Mer) Instead of buying a bunch of alright beauty products, put the cash towards the one you have been wanting for-ev-er.

3. Try as many new beauty trends as you can.Eyeshadow

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You probably have a go-to makeup look, but half the fun about makeup is playing around with it. You may want to leave the more avant-garde makeup looks on the runway, or for Halloween, but there are always a lot of wearable ones worth trying.

4. Find a scent (or scents) you love so much you want to wear them everyday. christina gif

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You do not need to restrict yourself to wearing only one fragrance, if you do not want to. However, it is worth finding a scent (or scents) that you love so much that you will want to wear them everyday because they smell that good.

5. Become as interested in skin care as makeup.Bath GIF

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You might think that skin care isn’t as exciting as makeup because there aren’t all the pretty colors to choose from, but you are missing out on so much. Plus, a flawless makeup application starts with a good base, so it is worthwhile to get a decent skin care regimen going.

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6. Test out a product that you would never normally go for.changing lipsticks

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Makeup shopping is like grocery shopping; once you find products that you like, you tend to buy the same sorts of things over and over. It is easy to fall into a pattern, but make a conscious choice to try something you normally would bypass. You may be surprised.

7. Try that beauty trend that you thought you couldn’t pull off.lipstick

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Have you ever liked a beauty trend, but thought that you wouldn’t be able to pull it off? It might have been a haircut or a statement lip color. You will never know until you try it, so stop thinking it isn’t for you and actually find out.

8. Figure out the makeup brushes you have, and actually use them.Lipstick

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How many makeup brushes do you own? And how many of those do you actually know what you are supposed to do with them. You paid good money for those brushes, so you should know how to use them properly. Brush up on your, er, brush knowledge and actually start using them. You will notice a difference.

9. Find a pretty and easy way to store your makeup.Nicki Minaj Perfume

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If your makeup is thrown in a big container and you can never find any products it in, it is time to get organized in 2016. Make your makeup part of your decor with a gorgeous display on your vanity or try organizing it in a drawer. It will be Instagram-worthy and it will make life easier in the morning.

10. Find a signature(s) lip color. Beyonce Lipstick

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Everyone needs at least one signature lip color. If you haven’t found yours yet, now is the time to do it. And if you have, there is always room in your makeup bag for more flattering colors. Go on and get swatching.

11. Perfect a five-minute makeup look.rizzo face powde

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Some people have time for crazy contouring and baking in the morning. Others barely have time to brush their teeth. If you fall into the latter category, your makeup routine does not have to suffer. Come up with a routine that takes five minutes at most to do, but looks like you spent a lot longer. Remember practice makes perfect.