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As I’ve mentioned before, I used to do makeup for film. While it was a great time (usually), it was a whole lot of making good looking people look more good looking, but in a “natural” sort of way. In fact, I found a lot more enjoyment in helping my friends get ready for parties, dates and other events worthy of dressing up a bit. Holidays are particularly fun because you get to do all sorts of pretty, interesting looks. Some are more ridiculous than others (for example, I drew a giant heart around my eye in the tenth grade for Valentine’s Day which was, uhm, not exactly gorgeous), but in general, there’s just more leeway to do fun stuff. Plus, I fucking love Valentine’s Day, so doing fun makeup makes it just that much better.

Of course, not everybody likes wild looks, so I’ve compiled some easy eye makeup and lip looks looks that are both simple and fun. Normally, I would do these on a bunch of people’s faces, but since I don’t actually know too many people here and therefore don’t have to many other human canvases to work with, you’ll just have to put up with checking out these looks on my ol’ mug in every slide. Also, I didn’t really include foundation/concealer and all that into the list of products used because I figure everyone has their preferences and whatnot. I’ve been pretty gross and sick this week, and am therefore wearing a lot of that stuff in these (so try not to make fun of me for being cakey!).

Got questions about any of the looks? I’d be happy to answer ’em in the comments.

Photos: Me + Flickr when noted.[ITPGallery]