Halloween makes us think of many things: haunted houses, pumpkins, ghosts and costumes. We also cannot forget about candy. Halloween candy just might be the best thing about the holiday. You probably eat twice your body weight in candy during October, but there are other ways you can celebrate your love of Halloween candy. A candy-themed Halloween manicure is a great solution. If you’ve already tried your spiderweb and spooky monster Halloween nail art ideas, some candy nail art is just the thing to try. Not only does it look cute, you don’t have to worry about sugar overload with it.

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Get inspired by these Halloween candy nail art ideas:

1. Classic Candy Corn

Classic Candy Corn

No Halloween nail art list post would be complete without a candy corn manicure. This one features the classic three-color gradient on all of your digits. Why mess too much with a good thing?

2. Skittles

Paint the rainbow! This is a sugary twist on a rainbow manicure. You don’t need to worry about having perfect dots. Remember that not all Skittles are the same size or shape.

3. Candy Corn Dotticure


If you can never seem to get your stripes crisp, try a dot manicure. When you use a dotter tool, it is soooo easy to do. Try a Halloween theme using candy corn colors.

4. M&Ms


This is so simple yet so clever.  You will wonder why you didn’t think of it sooner. It’s also great because you don’t have to worry about the crunchy inside.

5. Glittery Candy Corn 

Candy Corn

A candy corn manicure is a classic for Halloween. This one takes things up a notch by using glitter instead of your regular nail polishes. Don’t worry, it’s just as easy to do.

6. Sour Gummy Worms


This sour gummy worm nail art is brilliant. If you are intimidated by the sugar detail, skip it and go for a traditional gummy worm mani.

7. Candy Corn French Manicure

Candy Corn French Mani

Now this is a seasonal twist on the classic French manicure. If you can do white tips, you can do white, orange and yellow ones. You’ll just need a bit more nail tape.

8. Mini M&Ms


Who doesn’t love Mini M&Ms? This might take some time, but the shape is fairly simple to do. It’s just a lot of M’s and circles.

9. Candy Corn on Navy Nails

Candy Corn navy

Navy may not be as traditional as black for Halloween, but it still has that spooky night sky vibe. Plus, the tri-colored candy corns pop against the inky background.

10. Nerds


You can paint Nerds candy pieces on your digits or you can create the adorable critters. This is a good idea if you don’t want to start drooling every time you look at your nails.

11. Candy Corn Water Marble 

There is no bad color combination when it comes to water marbling. The white, yellow and orange mix makes us think about candy corn being made. Yum.

12. Black Candy Corn

Get some black into that candy corn manicure to earn extra Halloween points. The placement of the candy corns gives it a unique twist on a moon manicure.

13. Jelly Beans


Got a craving for jelly beans? This manicure may not actually satisfy your sweet tooth, but it will indulge your love of candy. Use a dotter tool to get the perfect bean shape.

(Main Photo: Pinterest)