We don’t want to send you into more of a panic, but Halloween is tomorrow. If you’ve been procrastinating the entire month of October and now you’re stressing because you don’t have a costume, don’t panic. You can still impress your friends on Halloween. And you don’t need to run out and drop $80 on a polyester costume or spend the afternoon frantically sewing to do it. You can create a head-turning look on Halloween with makeup.

While some Halloween makeup looks require lots of practice and a bucket load of products, there are some that take minutes to do. And you can recreate them using products you already have in your makeup bag.

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Stop stressing and have a look at 13 easy Halloween makeup ideas:

1. Glitter Stitches

Glitter stitches are actually something we can get behind.


2. Vampire makeup

The cracked eyes make this vampire look much more original.


3. Joker-Pennywise Makeup

Halloween inspired look ? Growing up my sisters would always dress me up and do my scary makeup ! So for once, I tried to recreate a look that is SO EASY anyone can do it ?. A very minimalist look and effortless but definitely captures the Halloween essence ! Hope you guys enjoyed it ??______________________________ Products : Face: ▪️ @katvondbeauty eyeshadow palette ▪️ @urbandecaycosmetics “potion primer" ▪️ craft store face paint "red and black" ▪️ @sephora "black" eyeliner Lips ▪️ @kyliecosmetics "Mary Jo" lipstick ▪️ @katvondbeauty "exorcism" ▪️ @nyxcosmetics "Copenhagen" Neck ▪️craft store "black" paint ▪️craft store "fake blood" ~hairstyle by @7evenstyles _______________________________________________#halloweenmakeup #halloween #halloween2017 #jokermixedclownface #easyhalloweenmakeup #kyliecosmetics #tamilculture #youtube #follow #easy #scary #it #pennywisemakeup #jokerfacemakeup #7evenstyles

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This creative makeup look combines elements of Pennywise and the Joker.


4. Broken Doll 

This is a very striking look and doesn’t require much more than white face paint, pink blush and lipstick, and black eyeliner. It’s up to you if you want to add the fierce eyelashes and curving brows.


5. Cat

You can make this a mouse, cat, bunny, dog, or another furry creature with a few simple tweaks.


6. Scarecrow

Grab your floppy hat and eyeliner and become a scarecrow.


7. Skeleton

When in doubt, be a skeleton. Forget all the superfluous details and focus on the mouth.


8. Antelope

Antelopes don’t get enough love in the Lion King or when it comes to Halloween makeup.


9. Jack-o-Lantern

You can never go wrong with the classic pumpkin.


10. Wonder Woman

No Wonder Woman tiara? No problem. Create your own with makeup.


11. Pennywise

If it’s not about Wonder Woman, it’s about Pennywise.


12. Deer

A deer is always cute. Plus, it takes under 10 minutes to create the look.


13. Black Swan

It’s still a good look all these years later. Plus, it’s really about taking your everyday makeup to the next level.