Nail art doesn’t need to be complicated. As impressive as over-the-top manicures can be, there’s something to be said for keeping it simple with a well thought out design. Blake Lively demonstrated the merits of simple nail art recently with her line rainbow nails (above). Each finger featured a tick or two of different color nail polish. It was quick, easy, playful and still had plenty of impact.

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If you’re feeling inspired, scroll down to see 14 pretty and easy nail art ideas that anyone can do: (Yup, that means you.)

1. Blue Line Accent Nail

•Blue lines• #bluenails#hazyview#biosculpturegel#nailart

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Beauty in blue.


2. Diagonal Black Lines On White Nails

Keep your lines parallel or intersect them.


3. Holographic Line Manicure

Can you see the line? With the ivory nails, it has a subtle finish creating an iridescent effect.


4. Multicolored Line Nail Art

This looks complicated with the different finishes and dots, but it’s nothing a bit of foil tape can’t solve. Bonus: Having a lot of lines makes it less obvious if you have some wonky lines.


5. Multiple Lines

Group your lines together for a racing stripe effect.


6. Lilac Nails And Yellow Lines

Notice the subtle shading on the base?


7. Diagonal French Manicure And Black Lines

The sharp lines of the French manicure play off the black lines.


8. Beige Nails With Horizontal Lines



9. Diagonal Nails With Black Lines

Here’s a dynamic way to work more color and shapes into the look.


10. White Nails With Black Lines

Use nail tape to create these multiple lines or try free-handing it. Use guides for crisp lines.


11. Red Nails With White And Blue Stripe Accent

Like your best nautical outfit in nail art form.


12. Tri-Colored Striped Nails

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Who said that your line has to only be one color?


13. Yellow and Gray Striped Nails

For all the minimalist nail fans.


14. Gold Art Deco Lines

deco lines for @kandiceyo 💅✨🌹➖😘

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No need for polish here. Make use of different foiled nail tapes.