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Happy National Nail Polish Day! Yes, it is now a holiday, although we are sure you probably celebrate it at least once a week. Of course today would be a brilliant opportunity to try a new nail polish, but why stop there? Why not make full use of your new nail polish by trying some pretty nail art? If you’ve previously avoided nail art because you’ve considered it too complicated and/or fiddly, we are here today to tell you that there genuinely are nail art ideas that are easy to do and they still look amazing.

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Get your nail polishes out and celebrate National Nail Polish Day with one of these simple but pretty nail art ideas:

1. Dot Design

Grab yourself a dotter tool and get creating. Instead of randomly adding dots here and there, try creating a design with them. Use different colored nail polishes to enhance the effect.

2. Camouflage 

Grab a couple of your favorite nail polishes and add different splotches to your nails to create a cool camo effect.

3. Two-Tone Nails With Dots

The genius about this design is that the contrasting white dots not only add a new element to the two-tone mani, but they also help disguise a wonky line. Clever.

4. Blue Bear

Who could resist this adorable blue bear and polka dot manicure? Not us.

5. Feather Strokes

Grab a skinny nail polish brush or a toothpick and create these dynamic strokes. You can stick with two colors or try a few different shades, like with this contrasting manicure.

6. Blue and White Zigzags

Remember: You don’t need a million different details to create a stunning look. The chunky wiggles of this nail art look are proof of that.

7. Dainty Flowers

Flowers are nothing more than  few dots. You can adjust the size of them depending on  your dotter tool. Also don’t be afraid to experiment with finishes. Note the matte red background color on this look.

8. Splatter Print

Simple matte lavender confetti nails :D #comfetti #nailart #naildesign #nails #lavender #dots #happy #simple #easynailart

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You cannot go wrong with a splatter mani because you’re basically just flinging the color on your nails then cleaning up any parts that go on your skin. Just remember to protect your bathroom before you start going to wild with your polish.

9. Textured French Mani

Do you struggle to get a crisp line on a traditional french manicure? Forget about it and use multiple shades of one color to create a textured, feather-like look.

10. Cows

Yes, you can even easily create animals. These adorable little cows are nothing more than a fat french manicure and a bunch of black dots. Use a dotter tool to create the latter and your job will be even easier.

11. Anchors

Looking for a bit of beach inspiration? Try adding some dainty anchor designs to plain nails. You don’t need to get overly complicated with the shape.