I totally know how it is: You leave your apartment at 7 am, suffer through meetings all day….then suddenly you have to look fresh and gorgeous for an evening of parties and cocktail hours.

It’s fun…yes. But it’s also a lot of hard work. And with holiday party season in full swing, you all are experiencing the same phenomenon. How can your hair possibly be holiday-party ready after 12 hours of being pushed out of your eyes as you squint at spreadsheets and word documents?



Nicholas DiGenova, Creative Director of Mania’s Hair Styling in NJ has some thoughts.

Buns can easily be transformed from a ponytail. Before you dash out of the house, simply pull your hair in a ponytail, while leaving some pieces out around the face and braid them. Spray with hairspray. Then wrap the ponytail around into a bun and pin. When the braids are released at the end of the day, a beautiful crimped face frame will remain.

Side swept French Twist. Now this is easier than it looks…this look can be achieved from a Velcro roller set done in the morning. After the workday, tease and hairspray as much of the head as possible. Smooth out the top and sides and gather the hair in the back. Starting at the nape and corner of neck, fold the hair into a twist In a diagonal fashion so the twist looks as though it is on it’s side instead of the conventional straight up and down twist… A few pins should be enough to secure( maybe 4 or 5).

Low messy chignon. This is super easy and can be done in literally 10 minutes. Hairspray the hair to add some texture and maybe tease the crown if desired. Pull hair back and create a messy low chignon and pin into place…(3 or 4 pins). Spray the chignon for added hold… Add a great hair accessory and you’re done!

Do you know any great day-to-night style fixes that work for you? Please share!