Flower prints are always popular for summer. One other trending print is polka dots. The most obvious way to work the design into your look is via clothes and accessories, but a polka dot manicure is another brilliant option. If you’re a nail art newbie, you will especially appreciate polka dots because they create a cool effect on nails and they’re easy to do — especially if you have a dotter tool, round brush or another DIY round-shaped tool. Just stamp it on and you have a pretty spotted design in no time.

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Scroll down to see 14 pretty ways to wear polka dots on your nails:

1. Beige Nails With Minimalist Black Polka Dots

You don’t always have to cover your nails in dots.


2. Beige Nails With Black Polka Dots and Black Blacks With White Polka Dots

Proof neutral colors can be anything but boring. Note the size of the dots.


3. Red Nails With Contrasting Black and White Polka Dot Nails

This is a full look. It has a Cruella de Vil vibe about it, and that’s a good thing.


4. Black and White Dotted Tips

Did you give up with French manicures because you can’t get a crisp line? This is a much easier alternative to highlight the tips of the nails.


5. Beige Nails and White Polka Dots

Polka dots don’t always have to be high contrast. This is a pretty subtle look.


6. Ombre Background With Flowers And Polka Dots

Cluster a few dots together and you have flowers. The ditsy dots balance the bolder flowers. It’s your call if you want to try the ombre background or leave nails plane.


7. Pink Background With 3D White And Black Dots

This eye-popping effect is achieved simply by putting a dot right next to another one.


8. Pale Pink and White Dots And Stripes

What’s the best complement to polka dots? Stripes. And a cute “Hello” design.


9. Black Nails With Multicolored Dots

Create a rainbow effect by placing polka dots in rows of different colors. If that’s too much for you, at least copy the polka dot border down one side of the nail.


10. Red and White Polka Dots With Natural Moons

The red and white polka dots are classic. What increases the vintage mood are the natural moons.


11. Black Polka Dot Moons 

The different sizes and colors of these spots create a very dynamic effect.


12. Muted Purple Nails With Polka Dot Border

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A rounded design for spots.


13. Red Nails With Black Polka Dots

Hands up if you’re getting a watermelon vibe from this?


14. Orange Nails With White And Pink Polka Dots

The summer feels are strong with this nail art.