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It wouldn’t be New Year’s Eve without a sparkly manicure. Fact. If you’re looking to try something different than your usual glitter top coat, a sparkly manicure is the place to start. You still get plenty of shine, but you get a more unique look than an all-over glitter finish. Best of all, these glitter nail art ideas are as easy to do as swiping on your shimmering top coat over your entire nail.

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Get inspired for New Year’s Eve with these sparkly manicure ideas:

1. Gold Tape and Glitter Accent Nail

Gold Tape

This looks complicated, but it all comes down to placing nail tape in the right spots. Once you’ve done that, you just need to apply a glitter top coat on an accent nail.

2. Glitter French Manicure

Glitter French Manicure

Find a top coat with the chunkiest pieces of glitter you can find and paint it on the tips of your nails. Opt for a neutral base to stick with a classic French manicure vibe.

3. Gold Glitter on Black Nails

Black and Gold

You don’t have to ditch your go-to black nail polish if you don’t want to. Instead, try adding a glitter top coat on a few accent nails. Bonus points if you attempt the stripe effect on one nail.

4. Black Stripes with Glitter Top Coat

Black Glitter Stripes

You can create a layered nail polish look without getting into anything too complicated. Start off with a silver base coat, then create black stripes using a skinny brush. Complete the look with a subtle glitter top coat.

5. Sparkly Merlot Nails and Black Tips

Black Tips

Add some edge to a glitter base with matte black tips. If you don’t have a sparkly wine-colored nail polish, you can experiment with other shades.

6. Purple Glitter on White Nails

Purple Glitter

You can practically hear the New Year’s Eve countdown when you look at this purple and white manicure. It’s that festive.

7. Rainbow Nails with Glitter Moons

Rainbow Nails

Don’t save your pastel nail polishes for the spring. Bust them out now to create this fun manicure. Use matte polishes as your base so the glitter moons will really pop.

8. Gold Glitter Moons

Gold Glitter Moons

Instead of concentrating that glitter on the tips, concentrate it on the moons of your nails. This gold glitter and ivory polish color combination is so elegant.

9. Natural Nails with Different Glitters

Glitter Nails

Remember that there are different kinds of glitter top coats. Mix your fave fine glitter top coat with some shaped glitter for a whimsical vibe. Leave your nails bare so the glitter remains the focus.

10. Sparkly Pink Tips

Pink GLitter Tips

Are sparkly pink tips just not enough for you? Upgrade your look by adding little gemstones between your sparkly tips and your matte base coat. These cool silver ones add some edge to the girly polish.

11. Silver Glitter Moons

Glitter Moons

You don’t have to stick with one shape when creating a moon manicure. Instead of a semi-circle, try creating a graphic triangle shape with a glittery silver nail polish.