We’re already a week into March which means that St. Patrick’s Day is coming up fast. While you might want to save the shamrock face paint until March 17, you can start celebrating now with a festive manicure right now. Grab some green nail polish and some fine brushes and check out the nail art looks that will hopefully bring you the luck of the Irish.

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1. Rainbow and Shamrock Nails

The rainbow shades play off the shamrock nails with the black backgrounds beautifully. While these are actually nail wraps, you can easily recreate both looks using nail polish and fine brushes. For the rainbow nails, paint strips of each color on your digits then use a sponge to soften the lines.

2. Green  Nails with Shamrock

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This is a classic St. Patrick’s Day manicure at its best. Use your favorite green nail polish then choose one accent nail to add a shamrock to. If you want to add glitter to another nail, go for it.

3. Mixed Green, White and Blue Nails

Can’t decide on only one design? You’re not alone. This mani adds some easy-to-recreate stripes and polka dots along with white and blue nail polish into the mix.

4. Light Green Nails with Sparkly Tips

You have a St. Patrick’s Day theme and the 2017 Pantone Color of the Year with this manicure. It shows that you can’t go wrong with any shade of green…and glitter moons.

5 Two-Tone Shamrock Nails

The deeper tones of this manicure create an elegant vibe. Plus, they really work with the gold nail polish. To recreate the forest green shade, try mixing some gold polish with a brighter green.

6. Gold and Green Shamrock Accent Nail

Apply your favorite green nail polish then add some teeny tiny shamrocks to one accent nail. If you use a fine brush, they’re actually quite easy to create.

7. Foiled Shamrock Nail Art

Any shamrock nails are great, but these foiled ones take things to the next level. Check out your local crafts store to see if they have little shamrocks you can apply to your nails. If not, you can cut up some old St. Paddy’s day decorations.

8. Green Manicure with Shamrocks and Rainbow Accents

This manicure has it all: green, shamrocks, rainbows, French manicure, negative space nails, glitter. It has also got a clear St. Patrick’s Day theme.

9. Green and Gold Nails

How is this for a unique twist on a two-tone manicure? Instead of  painting your tips with your gold nail polish, try painting the rest of the perimeter of your nails.

10. Leprechaun Belts

If you like Santa Claus belt nails for Christmas, you’re going to like these leprechaun belt nails. They’re much simpler than painting 10 leprechaun faces.

11. Green and White Shamrock Nails

How cute are these nails? This is proof you don’t need to get overly complicated with your St. Paddy’s Day nail art. Two dainty clovers and sparkly green nail polish are enough.