Nail art doesn’t have to be complicated. Sure, you can go wild and try elaborate runway-inspired designs. But keeping it simple can be very striking. Take easy striped manicure ideas. Anyone can do them, including nail art newbies. Whether you do a couple lines or stripes across the nail, you’ll create a head-turning look. Once you get comfortable with that, you can feel free to mix in other designs. No matter what nail art look you choose, you’ll love them as much as striped T-shirt.

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Scroll down to see 14 pretty stripe nail art ideas to inspire your next manicure:

1. White and Black Stripes With Beads

The black and white stripes are classic. The pearly embellishment takes it to the next level.


2. White Nail Polish With Blue Flower Stripes

This is a unique way to showcase a pattern.


3. Pale Blue And Gray Stripes And Polka Dots

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The color combination is stunning and so is the bold design.


4. Pastel Stripes

Not just for Easter.


5. Red, Gold And Black Diagonal Stripes

Wear this now and remember it in the autumn.


6. Pale Blue, Black And Yellow Stripes And Polka Dots

Go graphic with bold stripes…and polka dots.


7. Neutral Nails With Gold Stripes

Notice the placement and the different styles of stripes.


8. Pale Blue Nails and Stripe Accent Nail

Focus your stripes just on two nails.


9. White Nails With Black Stripe

The stiletto manicure enhances the vertical lines.


10. Black and White Stripes with Red Nails

Saturday Stripes ‼️

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This is unexpected but it works.


11. White Manicure With Diagonal Stripes

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This has so much movement.


12. Neutral Nails With Black Stripes

Fresh and simple 🖤

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Proof that minimalist nails can make a statement.


13. Gold Nails With Different Stripes

Choose a different stripe color for each nail.


14. Pale Blue and White Stripes with White Nails and Red Heart

So cute.