It is so hot out. It’s disgustingly, stupidly, ridiculously hot outside. It’s so hot out that just spending the entire summer living in a Starbucks is starting to seem like a good idea. Really, I don’t need more in life than iced tea, Wi-Fi, and air conditioning. But since I can’t actually do that, I can at least get my gross, sweaty hair off my neck for the next few months.

Updos are unfairly thought of as stiff, formal hairstyles. Really, they’re perfect for summer, if you don’t want to take the plunge and get that short haircut you’ve been thinking about. Just tie your hair up out of the way and go about your business at least 70 percent cooler. Here are 13 easy updos that are perfect for casual summer wear.

1. The Bouffant Bun

2554d28c039b8510fccf449562edb909I love the way this one sits somewhere between formal and casual. The messy aspect means you can wear it out anywhere, even in this weather, and if it gets a bit mussed up, sweaty, or disheveled, it will just be even cuter.

2. Two-Part Bun

012be81479da83e2db0196deb0d7b161This one is super easy. I actually wear this one a lot. you can either let the two pieces overlap for a giant bun look, or keep them a bit separate for an interesting sort of split-bun look.

3. Easy Twisty Bun

56ce1119bb24ca0fc58b8ab8a571dd36This one looks so good for summer. These looks all seem way more complicated than they actually are, and when worn out during the summer they seem relaxed and casual.

4. Scarf Bun

f820c581c782932afe414b6c57e8b231A little bit Downton Abbey, a little bit 70s flight attendant.

5. Scarf Bun II

4b847d7bc8a04ebe42e8198d51eaed16This one is a must for summer.

6. Scarf in the Bun

f6680ab0cd96be884dd786caff7071aeThis adds a bit of visual interest to an otherwise boring wet bun. And this way you can go out with your hair wet and still look awesome.

7. Messy Topknot with a Scarf

b0f16ed6b11855709db0d4f98f97f48aThis way you get all the benefits of wearing a sweatband, without actually having to wear a sweatband.

8. Rolled Bun

79fd8b87b432062c87e68dab0bc1b3d3This one looks hard, but it’s really not.

9. Side Bun with Tiny Braids

f5bf325a698bdd00441444c437714791The side bun is probably my favorite summer bun.

10. Top Knot

00ba6ba57f3846a7208cc369959ca19bGwen Stefani wears top knots, so you know they’re still awesome.

11. Looped Top Knot

c8c237c6b716de2eb68ebfa2ec4ebe08This is a good one to try if you find all your top knot attempts come out too small and shrimpy.

12. Looped Top Knot and Scarf

afaaad10c0f40b52b8687d54afda5bf2This is a really good way to look like you have a ton of hair up there, which is impressive considering that this model’s hair isn’t six feet long or anything.

13. Three Braided Buns

02fb9b590feed2cb643e54339a5ddeb7I love it when super complicated looking hairstyles wind up being ridiculously easy.

(Photos: Pinterest)