“Eau is Me” is a weekly perfume column, introducing you to new and old scents by pairing them with songs, foods, and even fashion. Colleen Williams has been writing and obsessing about fragrance for years now, and wants you to obsess about it too.

I have always heard that an entire room painted yellow will drive the inhabitant insane, and yet, I’ve never really researched the topic to see if that statement is accurate. And as I sniffed this week’s fragrances, I wasn’t reminded of Coldplay’s “Yellow,” or Donovan’s “Mellow Yellow,” or taxis on the Lower East Side, or even bananas. Well, I was sort of thinking of bananas – I was corresponding the scents with one of the more popular women’s films (and books) – Girl, Interrupted. In my perfumey world, I started wondering which fit who and why. They fell into place pretty quickly…

DAISY RANDONE – mark’s Citrus Bloom

Daisy in Girl, Interrupted (played by the fabulous Brittany Murphy – RIP) was a sleeper standout in the film, not just because she had a bubble flip that never went limp or because her eyes were dark, teary, almost hollow. She acted animalistic and defensive, yet always there was a slight peek of childhood innocence still left, hovering right beneath the surface. mark’s Citrus Bloom fragrance is like all the good parts of Daisy, except on sugarshock. The jelly bean concoction is full of honeysuckle, jasmine, lemon ice, and mango. A true gourmand at first, this fountain of youth dries down to smell far more floral than expected. Citrus notes evaporate extremely quickly, so after an hour or so, Citrus Bloom smells like a patch of daffodils. It’s actually quite pleasant, not strong, and the residual smell reminds me of a sweet body lotion. It’s that faint, so there’s no covering up those rotisserie chicken carcasses hidden under your bed.

mark’s Citrus Bloom is $18 for 1.7oz and available exclusively through a mark/Avon rep or online.

LISA ROWE – C.O. Bigelow’s Lemon Orange Blossom

Valerie: Did you enjoy the fresh air Lisa?
Lisa: Yeah I did, Val. Thanks.
Valerie: Good, ’cause it’s the last time you’re leaving the ward.
Lisa: Is that a dare or a double dare?

Lisa, the bad girl of the group, had bleached hair, wry limbs, swagger in her bell bottoms. She was a little hippie, but more rock n’ roll, wearing clothes that the other girls would have never touched and sassing the nurses in a way the others wouldn’t have dared. She was homeless-chic with the big furry coat and the beaten boots. She was also acerbic, angry, and bitter from years she could not control. Bigelow’s Lemon Orange Blossom opens like that – so cool, so acidic. The note of lemon is strong, as if the EDP was composed entirely of lemon oil, so it nips at you. The dried scent is more yielding – diluted and though still citrus, more on the side of orange blossom. The bark is worse than its bite. It is refreshing, adventurous, and unisex.

C.O. Bigelow’s Lemon Orange Blossom EDP is $34.50 for 3.4oz and available exclusively at C.O. Bigelow stores and online.

SUSANNA KAYSEN – Leslie Blodgett Perfume Diaries Golden Light

Our heroine, Susanna Kaysen, has always been a source of confusion for me. She’s institutionalized for a suicide attempt, but throughout the book and film, I’ve always thought it was wrongful “imprisonment. ” Susanna is the middle ground, even in a land of crazy, she’s the voice of reason. She’s the rational one with a solid background, however oppressive it may seem to the viewer, and up against the sins of the mother, so to speak. In Leslie Blodgett’s Golden Light, Ms. Blodgett references her own memories of her mother’s flower garden, made of marigolds. It seems so self-conscious and nostalgic, I can only imagine Susanna’s mother having the same. The fragrance smells like lemonade, summer, and America with overwhelming sentimentality. The only thing it’s lacking is “social contrariness and a generally pessimistic attitude.” But even Susanna wouldn’t want to smell like that – she’d be perfectly pleasant, cottony, crisp, just like Golden Light. (And no, not Golden Wheat Bud Light)

Leslie Blodgett’s Perfume Diaries Golden Light is $55 for 1.7oz and available exclusively at Sephora.