Perhaps in recognition of the fact that nobody can see him as anyone other than Chuck Bass and he probably won’t have an acting career after Gossip Girl (not really, j/k, I love you), Ed Westwick continued his foray into the fashion world by closing a menswear show in Milan this past weekend.

As might be expected, he walked for Philipp Plein (whose ads he’s already appeared in), and this time there was no creepy photographer there to kill everyone’s lady boner. This was an obvious improvement! But I still can’t help thinking he looked a little too angry for someone wearing white pants, a whimsically illustrated t-shirt, and a little brown bomber jacket. And what’s up with his current configuration of facial hair? We don’t have the rights to the photos in question, but here they are.

Would Chuck Bass approve of this as a bold move to get one’s brand out there? Or would he dismiss modeling as a frivolous profession fit only for women and the low born? One thing’s for sure: that tortured Chuck Bass frown seems to have taken up permanent residence on Westwick’s face.

(Via Fashionista)

Photo: Lia Toby/