When it comes to eyeshadow palettes, they have to fulfill a few requirements if they want to make it into our makeup bags. First, they have to have a good color selection. Secondly, the shadows need to be silky smooth and pigmented but not so soft that they make a mess on our cheekbones when we apply them. If the palette is affordable, it’s even better. That’s why we were very excited when we saw that e.l.f. Cosmetics, purveyors of affordable beauty, recently launched the Endless Eyes 100 Color Palette ($15).

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It has been a good week for e.l.f. The brand just unveiled its affordable new Facial Cleanser Device. Now, it’s following it up with this mega eyeshadow palette. And when we say mega, we mean mega.


The majority of eyeshadow palettes have between 10 and 14 colors, but this one had a whopping 100 different eyeshadows. And unlike some eyeshadow palettes which feature random colors that you’re never going to use, this one contains very wearable shades. The description for the palette reveals that it has a range that allows you to go “from dark and smoky, to fresh and bright, or to bold and colorful eyes.” What’s more,  Popsugar reported that the colors have been laid out in a specific way so the top ones are meant to be used a base, the middle pans are for building and blending and the bottom rows and for the finish touch. Since there are so many shades to choose from, this is definitely helpful.

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Given that each one of the eyeshadows works out to about $0.15, the Endless Eyes 100 Color Palette is a steal even by e.l.f.’s wallet-friendly standards. So, get shopping.

(Photos: e.l.f. Cosmetics)