Even if you wear liquid eyeliner every single day, you will probably agree that it’s a struggle to get two matching, perfectly straight flicks. Even people with the steadiest hands struggle. e.l.f. Cosmetics clearly recognizes this because the brand has recently launched the Line & Define Eye Tape ($2) for flawless eyeliner every time.

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If you’ve searched for eyeliner hacks to make your eyeliner application easier, you’ve probably come across some interesting tips with people using everything with spoons to guitar picks to shoes in the quest for a sharp eyeliner finish. Tape was one of the more conventional tools people used. It offered a crisp line but normally resulted in a sticky finish.

The great thing about the Line & Define Eye Tape is that it’s a skin-safe tape. The latex-free tape creates a barrier between skin and liner for a precise liquid liner application. Simply apply a strip, draw on liner and peel off the tape. You’re left with a gorgeous liner look and no mess to clean up.

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What’s even better is that e.l.f. Cosmetics’ eyeliner tape comes in pre-cut strips that measure 2.8 inches long. The size gives you plenty of play room to adjust the angle and length of your cat eye. Each package has 40 strips total which means that a set will last you a long time. Best of all, the e.l.f. Cosmetics Line & Define Eye Tape costs only $2 which means it’s pretty much the same price as a regular roll of tape.