e.l.f. Cosmetics has always been amazing thanks to the brand’s budget-friendly offering of quality beauty products, but the brand has been slaying in the last few weeks. e.l.f. has recently launched a primer-infused blush, collaborated with Christian Siriano, released an affordable glitter mask and dropped two new eyeshadow palettes. And the brand isn’t finished. e.l.f. Cosmetics has just released an adorable Mixing Palm Palette ($2) in the shape of a heart.

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If you like to mix your beauty products together before applying them to your face, but you don’t like to get your hands dirty, the Mixing Palm Palette is the solution. It offers a clean, flat surface to mix cream and liquid makeup so you can get the right consistency and finish before the mixture is applied to skin. And the palette is heart-shaped for Instagram appeal.

The Mixing Palm Palette comes with a strap so it fits securely around the palm of the hand. That means that you can still mix beauty products from wherever you are, whether there are any counter spaces or not. After makeup is completed, the tray can easily be washed with soap and water and set to dry for your next application.

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Sick of dealing with a foundation and lipstick-stained hand? The e.l.f. Cosmetics Mixing Palm Palette is available to shop right now on elfcosmetics.com.