The Elite Model Look contest is the world’s most famous modeling competition: past contestants include supermodels Heidi KlumGisele BundchenAlessandra AmbrosioIsabeli FontanaLinda Evangelista, and Ana Beatriz Barros. Held by Elite Model Management, it’s widely considered one of the most prestigious platforms from which young models can launch. 2009’s winner Julia Saner has closed Dior, fronted a Valentino campaign and walked for Alexander McQueen and Chanel.

This year’s winner, though, is drawing attention for a less glamorous reason: critics are saying 15-year-old Julia Schneider‘s frame is disturbingly thin. Though the Daily Mail shows uncharacteristic restraint by simply pointing out her “extremely slight frame,” the Montreal Gazette wonders, “Why are only male models generally allowed to have an adult’s body shape?”

And here we are having this conversation again: a model is too thin, people shame her for being thin, and then there’s a backlash to the backlash in which all kinds of offensive things are said about how being extremely thin is the most/only attractive thing in the world (see the comment thread on this post, if you don’t believe me). The problem isn’t with the models–they’re only as thin as the industry tells them to be–the problem is the message it sends when extremely thin girls are the only kinds of girls winning beauty contests.

What do you say?

(Photos via HuffPo)