elizabeth olsen curvy

Elizabeth Olsen recenly gave an interview at the War Horse premiere wherein she called herself “curvy.” We’re pondering whether or not she knows what the term “curvy” means.

Now, to be fair, she said that she was “the curvy one in her family” – which is true, because the Olsen twins are like tiny, lithe-limbed bejeweled skeletons, forever. Compared to the Olsen twins Twiggy would probably be curvy. But when I think of someone being curvy I tend to think of someone like a young Crystal Renn or Cristina Hendricks – actresses who have quite noticeable curves. I think, at least outside of Hollywood Liz Olsen would be considered a very slim girl, so trying to label herself as curvy just seems like a bid to appeal to appeal to “real women” who love seeing celebrities who break the classic beauty mold. Except in this case the implication seems to be that real women are blind, because she still looks like a very slim girl. But then, maybe everyone should be entitled to use the word curvy! Words don’t need to have meanings! What do you think?

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