Ellie Goulding has a very particular beauty look. Time and time again on the red carpet, we’ve seen her with perfectly tousled, loosely-waved hair, a gold shimmery glow on her cheeks, an almost-rose gold lip color, and bronze eyes. Suffice it to say it’s beyond enviable, and I’ve seriously considered writing fan mail to Ellie just to discuss her makeup (and how awesome she was at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, but that’s neither here nor there). The good news? I don’t have to waste any money on stamps, because Ellie is teaming up with MAC Cosmetics to launch a makeup collection, and it’s romantic hues and classic packaging are everything I could ever need in this world. Oh, and you’ll probably like it, too.

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The announcement of Ellie’s collaboration comes on the heels of the release Gwen Stefani‘s Urban Decay collection and the announcement of Victoria Beckham‘s potential new beauty line, making 2015 a huge year for the realization of some of our all-time beauty dreams. According to a press release, the gold and glowing shades are mean to be inspired by “light and dichotomy so present in her artwork and as a performer,” meaning that the makeup can be used for subtle daytime and bolder nighttime looks. And before we do anything else, let’s talk about the packaging:

ellie goulding mac

This logo is everything, and it’s emblazoned on every single product. I love that the rose gold theme was kept throughout, and the simplicity of it all is just stunning.

The collection itself consists of what’s to be expected from a good MAC collection these days: brushes, bronzer, eyeshadow palettes, a rose gold illuminator, lipsticks and lip glasses, mascara, and perhaps my favorite this, a strawberry-blonde eyebrow pencil for light-haired girls like me! If anything’s going to be hard to resist purchasing, it’s that, and with prices ranging from $17-$44, nothing is totally out of reach, especially during the holiday season. 

The whole collection will be available for purchase online on December 14. and in-stores on December 17, but in the meantime, take a look at some of the products here:

MAC Cosmetics X Ellie Goulding Halcyon Nights Palette ($44)

halcyon nights palette

This palette features a neutral color base (essential in achieving the proper color in any eyeshadow), two matte shades, one shimmer, and one frost. The darker colors are perfect for a more natural-toned smokey eye, and the bright pink allows for a pop of color if necessary.

MAC Cosmetics X Ellie Goulding Halcyon Days Palette ($44)

halcyon days palette

You know you’re going to use this palette all over your face every day now. These shades are great for your eyes as well as just for highlighting, and the peachy pink looks like it could be a decent dupe (if not a little bit pinker) for NARS Orgasm. 

MAC Cosmetics X Ellie Goulding Lustre Drops ($21)

lustre drops

Get Ellie’s signature glow with a MAC cult favorite, and discover the joy of makeup drops.

MAC Cosmetics X Ellie Goulding Lipstick in Only You ($18)

only you

Okay, so I know that this looks like a very berry shade, but it’s actually much more neutral in real life. Like most MAC Cremesheen finish lipsticks, it goes on light and sheer, making it perfect and buildable for day-to-night wear.

MAC Cosmetics X Ellie Goulding Plushglass in Explosion ($21)


Layer this lipglass over a nude lipcolor to achieve Ellie’s perfect rose gold hue.

MAC Cosmetics X Ellie Goulding Veluxe Brow Pencil in Strawberry Blonde ($21)

veluxe brow pencil


You can see the entire collection on StyleBlazer, and if you’re a swatch review kind of girl, check out Temptalia!

(Photos: MAC)