Emma Stone nude photos

Photo: Mike Windle/Getty Images for Sony Pictures

Once upon a time, the universe created celebrities. Then, it created camera phones and the Internet and 4Chan so nude photos of those celebrities could be distributed all across the land. One such celebrity: Emma Stone, sort of/kind of/maybe, who is supposedly all up in the Internet today without any clothes on. Merry Christmas, curious creepers and Easy A erotic fan fic writers!

According to BroBible and others, a photo of a young woman sans clothes taking a mirror selfie is being passed around and labeled as a nude image of Stone. Here’s the face (I’d rather not post the rest because…I don’t know, it just feels weird?):


I know it’s not exactly high-res, but it just doesn’t look a whole lot like Emma Stone to me The head shape is notably different and, while it could be an old picture, she’s currently not a redhead.

Regardless, Stone’s reps have officially denied that the picture is of the actress, and since I was already having doubts, I feel like we can all go home now. Or at least start trolling the Internet for other supposed selfies of famous people who never read my guide on how to avoid winding up naked on the Internet. Don’t they know that Liam Neeson Redditors will forever be after their mirror shots and butt pics?


Around the time when I first started writing for TheGloss back in 2012, I wrote about Emma Stone allegedly having a sex tape out in the world. At the time, I wondered why anybody still cared about sex tapes. Yes, I get it, people are appealing and good looking but so are the hundreds (if not thousands) of active porn stars who intentionally appear on camera for sex seshes. So, out of curiosity and given this recent mini-scandal, will people stop being obsessed with the bodies of (primarily female) celebrities minus their clothes any time soon? I vote a strong “doubtful.”

[UPDATE: We’ve removed the links to BroBible and TMZ, as we received an email stating the female in the photo may be underage.]