Errol Flynn Rita Hayworth Orson Welles

I just want you to know that the people in this picture are cool, cooler than any group of people you will ever hang out with. They are so cool that when you realize who they are, you are just going to just eat some vending machine food and feel sad about your life because, fuck it, it will never be that good. You might as well eat all of the Famous Amos cookies.

It’s Errol Flynn (of “in like Flynn” fame, which alluded to the way Flynn could get into women’s pants) Nora Eddington, Rita Hayworth and Orson Welles. In their great new installment of Classic Scandals, The Hairpin writes:

He and Eddington had two children and evidently spent time hanging out with Rita Hayworth and Orsen Welles and looking tan and beautiful.

Yes. That is accurate. Also, you should read the entire column, because it is my favorite thing on the internet. Who compares now? Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig, maybe? Okay. Who can we get them to be couple friends with to have a modern equivalent to this? Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter, maybe? They seem pretty cool.

Picture via The Hairpin