Any highlighter launch excites beauty lovers, but there’s something particularly intriguing about new colored highlighters. Essence has recently dropped three Pure Nude Highlighters ($4.99) that are going viral because they show how colored formulas can actually be very wearable and flattering. One shade in particular that is selling like hotcakes is the Cosmolighter, a reflective pale mint highlighter.

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To recap, Essence already had the Pure Nude Highlighter. It featured a flattering baked formula that added a soft, natural warmth to anywhere it was applied. The range is now being expanded to include Spacelighter, Sunlighter and the aforementioned Cosmolighter.

Spacelighter is a gorgeous rose highlighter. It features the same baked finish as the OG and gives an ethereal finish when applied to cheekbones or brow bones. If you’re in love with millennial pink or rose gold, this is your shade.

Next up is, Sunlighter. The shade is like the lighter version of the original Pure Nude highlighter as it is a beautiful baked golden color and gives skin that golden goddess look.

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The shade that seems to be the most popular so far is Cosmolighter. The other highlighters are selling out, but Cosmolighter has captivated makeup lovers thanks to its light-reflective mint finish. It has just the right amount of green and is convincing people that a green highlighter can actually be flattering.

If you want to try out the three new Pure Nude Highlighters, they’re available to shop now. Be aware that with their budget-friendly prices and gorgeous shades, they’re going fast.