Are you someone who likes to coordinate your entire look? Do you like your beauty look to match your clothes? What about your jewelry? And do you love a beauty collaboration? Then the Sugarfix by BaubleBar and Essie collaboration is right up your street because it allows you to match your manicure to your jewelry.

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Fashion and beauty collaborations are normally some of the best because they bring together our favorite brands from different areas to create something totally different. In this case, the Sugarfix by BaubleBar collection has coordinating nail polishes and earrings. There are six matching looks which means six sets of earrings and six nail polishes.

The colors in the collection are all perfect for summer days and nights and go from pale pink and coral to gold and navy. As opposed to just the same pair of earrings in different colors, there are a variety of style from tiered dangling baubles, beaded chandler earrings to trendy tasseled styles. As for the nail polishes, they range from sheer to sparkling finishes. Plus, you have the option pf Essie’s gel formula or traditional one.

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The collection is available to shop now at Target. FYI: You don’t have to only by coordinating pairs because everything is sold individually. The earrings in the range cost $12.99 while the nail polishes cost between $8.99 for a traditional nail polish and $11.49 for gel color. So, you can pick up a set for around $25.

The Sugarfix by BaubleBar and Essie collaboration is available to shop now at Target.